Sport Management Issues

Sport Management Issues (due Friday, November 14)

Purpose:  To investigate other areas in the Sport Management domain using a format other than traditional paper format.

For this assignment I do not want a traditional paper.  I want you to use your sport management knowlege to analyze the Sayreville, NJ High School hazing incident that has received national attention: .  Using any format but a traditional paper (audio, video, PowerPoint, Prezi, or just be creative) analyze the Sayreville situation.  You might consider the history of this hazing, analyze the decisions that were made (and are still unfolding), address the implications for other high school football programs, examine the issues raised for coaches, athletes, and fans, and what are the takeaways from this situation (what did we learn and how do we minimize the probability of such incidents in the future?).  Support your arguments and assertions with the strongest evidence that you can find.  If you choose a video format (for example) you can submit your references and citations separately.  

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