spanish 101

i have a question due 12 june 

i decided to watch  an epesode from la casa de papel . its need to be two pages answer.

this is the question:


ultural Experience

Cultural knowledge and 

experiences outside of the classroom are vital to learnin

g Spanish.

What experiences 

have you missed out on due to not speaking or understanding Spanish? 

Participate in one cultural experience 

with the local Spanish



.  See below for a lis

t of ideas, and you are welcome to suggest 

other ideas for approval.  Please submit documentation

of the learning experience (eg

. a receipt, a photo, a 

signed note, etc.) and write a two


e reflection 

(in English) addressing the following questions:

• In

one or two sentences, why did you choose this activity for one of your learning experiences? 

• In a short paragraph, please briefly describe the experience.

• Mention a few things that surprised you or that you did NOT expect. 

• Most importantly, please

write a couple of paragraphs on what you learned about Spanish


cultures, or about wh

at questions/

curiosities you now have as a result of this cultural encounter.  Please 

be specific and thoughtful in your answer

, and consider what culture(s) 


identify with. 

How does 

your own cultural identity affect your experience?

You will be graded on your observations and 

insights.  Please be careful of making generalizations and stereotyp

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