Research Paper

After watching the videos and reading the pdf articles write a short research paper – 5 pages – on Italian-American Crime. The topics you could write about may be: a) Sacco and Vanzetti, Guilty or Innocent? – a comparison and evaluation of Traditionalist and Revisionist views. b) Cinema and Mafia: how American cinema created the Italian mobster stereotype Be critical of your sources!!! CONTRAST and COMPARE the books and articles you will read!!! Reference your sources and support your statements!!! Please keep in mind that your sources must be valid academic sources. As you should be aware by now, the college library’s website contains links to a great number of academic databases that will aid you in the search for sources. I expect students to have read not less than 5 different books/articles before writing their paper. Their readings must be reflected by a decent bibliography. Remember to format you paper utilizing Times New Roman, pt 12, double spaced. Footnotes should be written according the CHICAGO STYLE. A link to the ONLINE MANUAL oF STYLE is provided on the left side of your screen; just click on web resources. DO NOT FORGET to give a TITLE to your paper; write you NAME; REFERENCE your work; include a BIBLIOGRAPHY. REMEMBER that turn-it-in detects PLAGIARISM – plagiarizing somebody’s work will result automatically in an F and the student will be reported for further disciplinary actions.

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