Student Portfolio Website Evaluation 

To develop an effective online portfolio, it is important to understand best practices of website design. For this assignment, select and evaluate two student online portfolios that closely resemble your niche market. Use the guidelines and questions below to help you properly evaluate each website.

  1. Authority and Accuracy 
    Is the author of the website clearly stated? Does the author provide contact information? Does the individual or organization list all of the qualifications or credentials?
  2. Purpose and Content 
    What is the purpose of the website? Is it clearly defined? Is the content the primary focus of the website and is the content relevant? Are the spelling and grammar correct?
  3. The Visual Story 
    Does the website contain a clear visual story? What visual content is used to create a visual story? How is the visual story of the website compelling? 
  4. Design, Organization, and Ease of Use 
    Is the website well-designed and organized? Is the information easy to find and is the text easy to read and not cluttered? Does the website exhibit a strong visual and functional design, including a unifying color scheme and font selection? Why or why not? 

Use the document Student Portfolios (also in Doc Sharing) to find and select the two online portfolios you will review. 

Include the name and website address of each website you evaluated. Provide as much detail as possible in terms of the website’s branding and marketing efforts. Your assignment should follow APA guidelines and should be complete with a title page, a reference page, and 2–3 pages in the body of the paper. Your assignment should also contain an interesting student voice, be concise, and be organized. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be used.

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