MN 504 unit 2 DQ 1


MN504: Inquiry and Evidence Based Practice

Unit 2: Literature Review: Searching for the Evidence

Topic 1: Exploring the Literature and Finding Studies

During your readings and fieldtrips this week you have discovered that the literature review is an important first step in the nursing research process. As an advanced practice nurse you will be required to complete literature reviews for written papers, seeking to answer PICO questions, and perhaps prior to the initiation of research you might pursue.

1. Please describe the purpose of a literature review and discuss two databases you might use to complete your literature review.

2. When describing the data bases, provide a description of the database and why it is a good source for locating credible articles.

3. Conclude your response by choosing two research studies… One quantitative study and one qualitative study. You will use these studies for your research critiques for Unit 6 and Unit 7 assignments; strive to locate studies that you find interesting and that address clinical concerns in your area of nursing practice. The studies must meet the established criteria described in the unit overview.

4. Support your response with at least three (3) citations to credible, scholarly nursing literature. 

The instructor will approve the studies in this Discussion Board. Please attach the PDF file of each study so the instructor can review it. If you are not successful the first time, you will need to find the correct studies. Please go to UNIT OVERVIEW to learn about the criteria for the research studies.

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