In need of some homework help in SPANISH 1202


This semester I am taking SPANISH 1202 at my university and I am terrible in it. I am looking for someone who is extremely good in SPANISH and is available to complete all of my assignments for the rest of the semester. I am willing to pay $70.00 . I am signed up through paypal but only those who are willing to complete ALL assignments will be paid in full. All homework assignemts have various due dates and those willing to help must be prompt! The next assignment is due (September 9, 2013) by 11:30 pm tomorrow night (Pacific Time) . If interested I can give my homework login information so you can begin. My last assignment is due on 11/25/2013 and those who complete the assignments for each due date with a grade of 80% or higher , will be paid in full the next following day. For those interested in helping please contact me.


Thanks 🙂

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