Framing a Firm’s Strategy

Activity Instructions

In this discussion, you will further your knowledge of strategic development by:

  • Researching data sources in order to frame the firm’s strategy.
  • Thinking and communicating strategically.
  • Applying critical reading skills to promote dialog.

Describe the strategy of the firm you selected for your project, using the strategy model in Figure 1.4: Describing Dyson’s strategy, on page 20 ofFoundations in Strategy, as a guide to frame the strategy description from the following two perspectives:

  • First, the static perspective:
    • Where is the firm competing? What is the product? What are the firm’s vertical and geographical scopes?
    • How is the firm competing? What is the basis for the firm’s competitive advantage?
  • Second, the dynamic perspective—the firm’s preparation for the future:
    • What does the firm want to become?
    • What does it want to achieve?
    • How will it get there?
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