EDU 655 Week 3 – Assignment 2 Critical Thinking Questions


Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Assignment 2


Critical Thinking Questions: Week 3

Read Chapters 7, 8, and 9 from Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology. You will then complete two Critical Thinking Questions from each chapter. Your answers must include at least two references in addition to the course text. Each question should be addressed with a minimum of 50 words.

Chapter 7 – Designing for Problem Solving 

Describe a Policy Problem that you might assign a      learner, using an actual issue that’s being debated in today’s political      news. How would you solve the problem?  Teachers are problem solvers, daily solving a variety      of problems. Identify the kinds of problems classroom teachers must solve      as part of their everyday teaching activities. In light of this knowledge,      identify two or three types of problems (described earlier in the chapter)      that should be incorporated into a teacher-training program. Which case      components should be incorporated with each type of problem? What kinds of      cognitive scaffolds are needed?  Why does the author state that problem solving is the      most natural, complex, and meaningful kind of learning/thinking activity?      Do you agree or disagree? Explain. 

Chapter 8 – Instructional Theory and Technology for a Postindustrial World 

The author states that the main problem with our      education and training systems is not the teachers or the students, but      rather the system. How does the post-industrial system that he lays out a      vision for in this chapter address challenges we do have with teachers,      students, parents, policy makers, etc? How does it fall short?  What other characteristics of the learning process and      learning environment do can you envision for a postindustrial paradigm of      instruction? What are some of the barriers to making this type of      instruction a reality?  What are some ways that technology can make      post-industrial instruction easier on teachers? Include examples not given      in the chapter. In what ways might it make it more difficult? 

Chapter 9 – Motivation, Volition, and Performance 

Describe your motivations for taking this course and      indicate which ones are the most compelling. What are some techniques you      use to maintain motivation?  Compare and contrast motivation with volition. What are      some ways that they can interact to support or diminish one another?  Applying volition strategies effectively can also be      related to “good work habits”. What are some strategies that one      might apply to strengthen their volition? How can these strategies be      promoted through an online course? 

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


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