Discusion Question for MGT 448 Due Asap


What are some issues and trends in global socio-cultural issues? Why must a company be sensitive to the socio-cultural environment within the host country? What effect does socio-cultural sensitivity have on a company’s operations or sales within a host country?

Responses to DQ 1 are due no later than Day 2.(1/22/14)




What are the major staffing policies that global organizations must consider? How must an organization choose among these staffing policies? How do you assess the effect of implementing a specific staffing policy?             

Responses to DQ 2 are due no later than Day 3 (1/23/14)





What are the primary functions of the foreign exchange market? Who are the participants in the market? How do global companies use the foreign exchange market to hedge against foreign exchange risks? In what ways have global capital markets reduced the risk and costs to investors.

Responses to DQ 3 are due no later than Day 4 ( 1/24/14)



Felix, a U.S. technology company has recently developed a revolutionary wireless phone. The product offers exciting new features along with all of the features of current products, but at a fraction of the manufacturing costs. As the international business manager of Felix, you have been asked to choose the best mode of entry into the European market. Your have the following options:

o   Export your product from the United States.


o   Enter into an alliance with a large European company.


o   Manufacture the product in the United States and set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Europe.


o   License a European firm to manufacture and market the phone in Europe.


In preparation for your choice, list the pros and cons of each method of entry. Which choice do you present to your CEO? Support your decision.

Responses to DQ 4 are due no later than Day 5 1/25/13)


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