Chicano/Regional Mexican Music- Help!!!!!!!!

2 songs,

1 full page each,


 A) (El Pastor )


 B) (Los Alegres de Terán)





Length: One (1) page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font.



Describe the  vocal and instrumental performance and the lyrics, paying special attention to:


a)       The instruments that stand out and any solo instrumental parts.


b)       Technique used in strumming, plucking, bowing, etc.


c)       Vocal production: breath control and vowel placement in singing technique;  use of chest voice or falsete.


d)      Singing style: phrasing.


e)      Lyrics (Refer to the reader for translations.):  Do the lyrics convey any message? Is there any imagery used? What is the tone of the lyrics?  Defiant? Tender? Remorseful? Passionate? Detached? Lyrically, is this a happy, sad, introspective, or superficial piece? 


f)      List the following at the beginning of each review: Title of the selection and genre: son jarocho, son de mariachi, huapango, corrido, etc. Name of the composer (if known).

Name of the vocalist or ensemble. 


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