can you do Latino and Latin American Studies HW

 Music Assignment: Students must read the article on La Banda del Recodo found in Module 5.Respond to the following questions:

 According to lectures, the Banda del Recodo belongs to the genre wind instrument music. What do you learn about the history of the musica de banda ensemble and how does it compare to the Tejano genres and ensembles?

 The article talks about tecno banda music and its impact in the public. How is it different from the traditional musica de banda and what is the assessment of the impact in the industry?

 In the section,  “A Women’s Work: The Force Behind the Band”, what insights do we learn about the success of the Banda el Recodo? How did this women take charge in leading the successful career of one of the oldest bandas in Mexico?


Instructions:  Assignment will be graded on the following:

 Submit your paper  online in the Discussion section on December 7th.Type your assignment.12 font size, double space, and 2 pages long.Follow the instructions on the assignment.No late assignments will be accepted. (no exceptions)

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