bus 622 week 4 discussion 2

Part 1:

Market skimming, market penetration, companion products (captive pricing), and cost-based pricing are some of the pricing strategies marketing managers use when marketing globally.

  • Compare each of the pricing strategies listed above and how they apply.
  • Explain Incoterms (International Commercial Terms).
    • Why is it important to understand those internationally accepted terms of trade? Provide examples.

Part 2:

The pricing strategy for a product may vary from country to country; a product may be positioned as a low-priced mass-marketed product and a premium-priced niche market in others. Review table 10-2 on page 314 of your text which lists the world’s most valuable brands.

Select two similar brands (that offer at least one line of similar products) and consider them operating in the same country from the list in your text:

  • Compare the various pricing strategies each company uses to compete in each country. Provide examples.
  • Which of the four categories of Incoterms apply to the company you selected?

Your initial discussion post should be 250 words.

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