Choose a Spanish-speaking country or U.S. region to introduce to the class. The country i chose is Argentina  Create a presentation of 18-20 slides. Identify one major issue the country is facing, then explain and analyze it in depth.  (This should be approximately 1/2 of the slides.) Provide relevant background information on the country and show how that context is important to the issue you are studying.  This may relate to history, politics, culture, technology, etc. (Approximately 1/2 of the slides.)

Presentation considerations: Be sure your information is current; look for recent news coverage from reputable sources; this is required. If you include a video, please include only the link, as an embedded video will make it difficult to upload your presentation and may result in no Turnitin academic integrity score. Be sure to cite your sources throughout your presentation: Include a final slide with a list of “Works Cited,” following APA or MLA guidelines.  See the “Resources for Writing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” module for assistance with this. On each individual slide where you include a graphic, quotation, or specific data/information from a source, include a short citation so that those viewing your presentation can then find the source in your list of works cited if they want further information. 

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