3 to 5 page News Report with a slide show

New Report: You will be required to research foreign English-language sources of international news from different countries. Write a News Report on current world affairs or recent news events from within the past three (3) months. The reports must summarize the key facts on the contexts of each of the three news stories. Then clearly identify and explain the three concepts or ideas from the course. Fully cite the sources of world news and other sources of information you use. Analyze the news stories using the concepts and arrive at a suitable conclusion for each news story. For clarity, give sub-headings to each of the three news stories you are analyzing. The news reports (including citations and bibliography) must contain no grammatical or typological errors. It must also be 3-to-5 pages long, double-spaced, with 11-point font and one-inch margins. Reports may include pictures, charts, and diagrams, but they must be labelled with captions and citations of sources. Sources of International News: Here are some suggested English-language websites of international newspapers. You are encouraged to explore other sources from more than 200 countries. Write your News Report on three (3) world news articles of your choice. Be sure to explore news from English-language websites of foreign (not U.S.) newspapers.  Aljazeera (Arab World)  allAfrica.com  China Daily  Granma Internacional (Cuba)  British Broadcasting Corporation (Great Britain)  India Abroad  Japan Times  Russia Today  France24  Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran)  The Guardian (UK) Also, you might consider the social media and organizational websites (e.g. UN News) as a source of international news. 

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