250 words in spanish

its an take-home compistion I will attach the instructions in a file. I need this paper in 5 HOURS! please pay special attention to the details. Down below I will give you a brief description of myself and my family for you to use in the paper. please note that this is a begginers class, so use to most basic words.

My name is Sarah I am 22 years old I go the university of Denver I study sociology. I live in Denver Colorado. I am from Saudi Arabia.

My hobbies: 

Cooking, eating, dancing, swimming.

I have a big family consisted of 5 sisters including myself and 2 brothers and 1 step-brother.


Mother (Abeer) lives in Saudi Arabia with my Father.

* age she never tells us. (mention this he wants the paper to be funny)

* she is tall, pretty, has long brown hair, smart, hard working.

* Hobbies: drawing, shopping, loves makeup A LOT. 

Father (khaled) lives in Saudi Arabia.

* Age: older than mom 

* short, short black hair, big brown eyes, inteligent, hard working.

* hobbies: Reading, big soccer fan, watching sports, he is a big fan of” Alhilal” national Saudi soccer team.


Ashwaq (30 yrs) lives in Saudi Arabia.

*profession: banker.

* has kid (SAAD) 6 years old

* pregnant with a baby boy

*married to Aziz.

*Tall, tanned, long beautiful dark hair. 

* Hobbies: Shopping, eating at restaurants.

Hala (25 years old) lives in Los angeles, California

* Goes to grad school at Pepperdine University. business major.

* Short, blonde hair, beautiful, inteligent.

* hobbies: reading, to watch movies.

then me

Gia (19 years old) lives in Denver with me.

* goes to Art institute of Colorado.

*Short, beautiful, dark hair, smart, nice.

hobbies: dancing, to sunbathe.

Anna (14 yrs) lives with my parents in Saudi

* fat, smart, funny, pretty, foolish.

* hobbies: soccer, basketball, dancing.


Abdul (34 yrs) lives in new mexico.

*Studies PHD

*short, fat, curly hair, smart.

*hobbies: hiking, to go mountain climing.

Mohammad (23 yrs) lives in Los angeles.

* goes to school at Cali state LA. studies accounting

*tall, big eyes, short dark hair, hard working.

*hobbies: cars, soccer.

Meesh (21 yrs) lives in Los angeles. 

* goes to school at Cali state LA. studies engenering.

* tall, handsome, smart, hard working, short black hair.

*married to Najla




* my bestfriend

* tall, pretty, nice, foolish.

* hobbies: tennis, to swim, to party, smokes Hookah all the time.


* is my roommate

* quiet, nice, messy, tall, dark long hair.

*hobbies: playing soccer, watching soccer games. 

Boyfriend (Saud) 22 years old.

used to live in denver, studied business at daniel’s.

now lives in Saudi Arabia, which makes me sad.

he is tall, handsome, smart, hard working, nice.

hobbies: big soccer fan, loves christiano ronaldo, fan of manchester united. running. 


If there is anything, I have not mentioned you can make up but please make it simple and fun to read.

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