applied research studies

No need for an introduction or a conclusion – just state the questions and answer them one by one.

A helpful resource is chapter 8 of Sekaran & Bougie, Research Methods for Business. This Coursework will be associated with Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 of one of the required texts: Sekaran, U., and Bougie, R., (2016), Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach (7th ed.). United Kingdom: Wiley.

Task 1

1.Describe the key purpose of observation, outlining advantages and disadvantages of this research approach to collecting data.

– define observation – what is meant by ‘observation’ as a research method in a general sense?

– what is the purpose of observation?

– advantages and disadvantages, pp. 142-143

2.Discuss four dimensions that distinguish various approaches to observation.

– four dimensions to consider are controlled/uncontrolled, participant/nonparticipant, structured/unstructured and concealed/unconcealed.

3.1.A disadvantage of observation is observer bias. Discuss at least two ways of minimizing observer bias.

– what are possible reasons for observer bias?

– consider p. 143 of Sekaran & Bougie – remedies for reducing bias are presented.

4.1.Provide a critical evaluation of the ethics of using concealed observation as a research method.

– pp. 44-45, pp. 162-163, p. 189

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