Latuda vs Abilify

In your paper, you will need to provide a general introduction and then describe:
1. Preferred route of administration (any implications for bioavailability?; can it cross the blood-brain-barrier?)
2. Drug actions and effects
3. The neurotransmitter/hormonal system(s) that the drug acts on
4. Specific receptors/mechanism involved in the main effects and side effects
5. Location of these receptors/mechanism in the brain/body
6. The specificity of drug action (e.g., consider all the receptors, receptor subtypes, and/or mechanisms that it acts
on; also, does it bind to drug depots?)
7. Metabolism and any effects that it may have on tolerance (e.g., evidence of enzyme induction, enzyme
inhibition, drug competition?) Considerations for certain patient populations? Drug interactions?
8. In the final section, describe how this drug differs from a commonly used drug in its category (this is labeled
as the ‘Comparison Drug’ on the sign up sheet). Include why there are similarities/differences in their drug
effects, drug actions, etc (all points 1-7 above), and why one may be preferred over the other. This section is
expected to be a comprehensive comparison, which will be longer than the other sections in length with your
critical analysis thoughts.
General requirements:
• 12 point font, double spaced, 1” margins, page numbers, title page and reference list
• Minimum length for text (not including cover and reference page) is 6 pages
• Use of subheadings is highly encouraged
• APA format for in-text citations and reference list; be consistent
• Information should be derived from primary research literature and the drug pamphlets. At least 5 primary
research references need to be included. Wikipedia, blog sites, and undocumented online sources do not
qualify as references.
• Properly cite the sources in the text (see plagiarism handout on next page)
• Minimize the use of direct quotes by paraphrasing and citing
You are required to obtain the pharmaceutical drug company’s physician prescribing full drug information sheet,
which is usually located on the company’s website. In-text citations of this type of source should be (drug company
name, year); year can be either year published (if listed on info. sheet), if this is not included, then use the current
year (year obtained from the website). In the reference list, include: Drug company name (year) Drug name.
website address for information sheet. **Please hand in or email the full drug information sheet on the due date**
Additional research articles can be found on PubMed – when you search be sure to try both the proprietary and
generic names of the drug in separate searches.
PubMed website:
• You may also use your textbook as a reference but this should not be the main source of your information.
An excellent paper will be a well-written and comprehensive analysis of the topic, adequately covering all of the
above points and any further research data. You should demonstrate evidence of critical thought in comparing the
drug effects and be sure to include detailed information about receptor activation/mechanisms in both the brain and
periphery. Inherent problems in the research articles that may lead to misinterpretation or over-interpretation of the
findings should also be included.

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