Identify the influence of the media in relation to culturally safe care.

This is a written assignment, students are expected to: Critically analyse the role and power of the Australian Media in influencing and impacting on health care in multicultural Australian society.
It is advisable to start thinking about your topic and collecting the two media items early in the semester. Please note one must select a media item and not materials contained in an academic journal or text. Assessment queries may be addressed by posting your questions to the Assessment 3 area of the Discussion Board.
The task includes the following:
1. Critical analysis of the role and power of current Australian media.
2. Identify the influence of the media in relation to culturally safe care.
3. Select two media items (one positive and one negative) and investigate how each demonstrates their potential influence on cultural safety in health care. Both media items must be attached to the paper as an appendix
4. Support the arguments in the paper with reference to the academic literature, at least 10 refereed publications published between 2006-2016
5. The paper must be presented in an academic structure (introduction, body, conclusion, references and appendix. Arial font size 11 and 1.5 line spacing. Written in academic English and within the word limit 2000-2500. Submitted via Safe Assign.
6. The assignment file name and footer must include the following order: Student’s family name, first name, student number, HEA230 Assessment number (1, 2 or 3)
7. Referencing in accordance with APA Version 6.
The preparation for this assignment includes gathering information from refereed sources pertaining to the power and influence of the media. In addition, gather two media items for analysis and critique.
Assessment criteria:
Media item must not be older then 2 years.the most recent media items
HEA230_Marking CriteriaAssessment 3.docx
Examples of Assignment 3
You may wish to browse through these two references for ideas on why we look at the media in a health unit.
Germov, J., & Freij. M. (2013). Media and health: moral panics, miracles, and medicalisation. In J. Germov (Ed.), Second opinion: introduction to health sociology (5th ed.). (pp.337-355). South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press.
Willis, K., & Elmer, S. (2011). Society, culture and health an introduction to sociology for nurses. (2nd ed.). (pp45-65). South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press.


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