Art History

For this assignment, you will be exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History.  This digital collection houses essays and virtual works of art sorted by time period, geographic area, and theme.  To receive credit, do the following:
Pick a time period from the following options:
8000-2000 BC
2000-1000 BC
1000 BC-1 AD
1-500 AD
500-1000 AD
1000-1400 AD
Pick a geographic region from the following options:
Central America
Central and North Asia
East Asia
North America
South America
South and Southeast Asia
West Asia
Select ONE essay to read about this time period & geographic region (your choice)
Select ONE work of art from this time period & geographic region to look at (your choice)
Once you’ve read your essay and looked at your art, answer the following questions in a one-page (double-spaced) analysis.  Be sure you have indicated at the top of your page which time period, region, essay, and artwork you selected.
What can we learn about this time period in history from the essay?
What can we learn about this time period in history from the art?  What culture does the artwork belong to, and what does it reveal about their way of life?
How useful do you think art is as a tool for understanding ancient cultures?

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