Network and Web security

Requirements and Instructions for the Written Project Report:
The objective of the paper should be very clear about subject, scope, domain, and the goals to be achieved.
The paper should address the advanced and critical issues in a specific area of applied cryptography and its applications to areas of computer security. The research paper should emphasize not only breadth of coverage, but also depth of coverage in the specific area.
From the systematic study point of view, you may want to read a list of technical papers from relevant magazines, conference proceedings, journals, theses, and dissertations in the area of the topic you choose. It might be beneficial to review or to browse about 5 to 10 closely relevant technical articles before you make your decision on the topic of this research project.
The research paper should reflect the quality at certain academic research level.
The research paper should include adequate and appropriate abstraction or introduction, and reference list.
The research paper should be methodology and/or problem solving oriented, so it should define the problem under discussion clearly, and present/illustrate/elaborate the methodology for the underlying problem solving as clearly as possible.
The research paper should give the measurable conclusions and future research directions (this is your contribution).
From pedagogical perspective, you might want to use examples, diagrams, pictures, etc. to help explain and illustrate some concepts, definitions, principles, mechanisms, algorithms/methodologies.

Sample Format of Project Report
Title Page
In general, the number of words in the title of report should be limited around 10 words if possible. The title page must have your name, email, contact information, and term date below the paper title.
The abstract page should summarize the highlight of your project to tell the audience what have been done in the research project.
Table of Contents
The TOC part should list all titles of sections and subsections with page numbers.
4. Introduction
This part introduces the audience with necessary information to guide them into the subjects of your research project.
Background and Literature Review
Statement of the Proposed Research or Study
With the discussion in Background and Literature Review, the proposed research and study can be given in the format of, possibly, Problem Statement to indicate what to be studied, investigated, researched, and/or achieved from this project.
Based on the Problem Statement and the objective to be achieved, you may want to elaborate the underline methodology to be used in order to fulfill the research task and achieve the goal of the research/study. If possible, please provide elaboration of rationales in both depth and width. It is better to use illustrative examples to explain the methodology employed in this project.
Experiment Design and Result Analysis
Provide the details of how experiments are designed and conducted, and observation from the experiment. Analysis of experimental results are important based on your observation, understanding, interpretation, etc. with some performance analysis methods.
Summarize your research/study by giving some conclusion from the project and may provide future research/study directions with discussion of potentials.
Reference List
Appendix (if necessary)

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