Gun control

Analyze and evaluate your research (Section II).

Place your sources in proper order (generally alphabetical by author’s last name)
Each citation should be in proper APA or MLA format
After the citation, copy and paste the article’s abstract or summary if available
Compose an annotation with the following two parts:
An indication of the source type (book, academic journal, newspaper, personal interview, etc.), and a few sentences that assess or evaluate source credibility. If you research the author or publication to evaluate the source, which you should for a high grade, make sure that you cite that information (provide a parenthetical citation/hyperlink).
A thorough source summary. It includes its thesis and purpose, reflects on why it’s an appropriate source for your project and explains how you might use it—what specific points and facts are important for answering your research question and may potentially develop your argument. (minimum 2 paragraphs)
Note: Your summary should not repeat the abstract: think of the abstract as the “they say” and your summary as the “I say.”

Use a variety of source types, as appropriate for your topic and potential audiences.
Use some scholarly sources if appropriate for your rhetorical situation, but make sure that you read and understand them. You can’t just read the abstract or skim for a quote.
Your sources should provide a variety of perspectives, explore nuances of the topic, and complicate your ideas (these will lead to your counter-argument).
For sources that you’ve dropped or replaced since conference, add a brief explanation of why each is no longer a great source. Include these sources after your 8 sources, in a section labeled “Old Sources.”
Section II. Research Evaluation

Evaluate your research progress: Discuss the ways in which research has changed, complicated, and confirmed your ideas, and address your research gaps. What information has changed your project or research question? How? What information do you still need? Why?
Evaluate your body of research: Explore the complex connections between your sources (beyond agree/disagree). For example, does source 1 complicate source 2 or give statistics to support source 4’s claims?

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