Food System Management

This is for a discussion post on food systems management. This discussion post should answer:
Write a definition for the term “quality.” What is “benchmarking”? How is it related to quality management?

Instructions: You will be expected to complete a minimum of two (2) discussion board posts throughout the semester. Posts will be in response to questions posted by the instructor and should be thorough and thoughtful. You are also expected to respond to two other posts by other classmates. You must contribute something substantive (at least one paragraph) to their thread (more than “I agree” or “Good idea”. Please exchange ideas, concerns, opinions, insights, ask each other questions, etc.

General Discussion Reminders
• You will need to create a discussion board post before you can see others’ posts.
• Be specific but concise. Original posts should be a minimum of two to three paragraphs in length. Responses should be at least one paragraph in length.
• Please use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
• When you are using information from the text to support your discussion answers always cite the page number. If using a website or other resource you must include a reference citation.
Writing Expectations
The purpose of Discussion Boards in this course is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the material. This can only be done if you are using your own words to show me, the instructor, that you have read, analyzed and interpreted the information. Work that is plagiarized, duplicated, or not properly cited may receive a zero.

You may look to the text or other resources for answers and explanations to a discussion board topic. However, when writing your Discussion Board submission I expect you to use the text or other resources to support your answer. In order to support your understanding of the expectations for discussion board postings, I have included a list of guidelines to follow while posting. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a grade of “0” for the assignment and/or further disciplinary procedures if necessary.

Use the concept of the 4 E’s to demonstrate specific and sufficient knowledge and understanding.
The 4 E’s represent four questions that almost always need answering as you write:
1. Can you provide an EXAMPLE of that?
2. Can you give an EXPERIENCE to illustrate that?
3. Can you EXPLAIN that further?
4. Can you give EVIDENCE to support that?
Do not use direct quotations but try to summarize information using your own wording and voice.
Always cite your sources as follows when using the internet or text.
• Website : US Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Published February 2013. Revised March 26, 2013. Accessed November 14, 2013.
• Textbook: Kittler 7th Ed., Pg 10-12
• The Power Point slides or videos provided by the instructor
o Chapter 2 PPT slide #4
o Name of video is sufficient

For more information look at the following resource for an explanation on how to quote, paraphrase, and summarize without plagiarizing:

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