Episode Notes for Westworld Season 1

1.Watch the first three episodes (E4, E5, E6, E7)of television show WESTWORLD. Note the name of each episode as well as its date and original airing time. Then, take notes as you watch the show.

2.Each entry should include the following:

a.Specific information about the content of the episode such as the theme, plot lines, characters, advertisements, etc.

b.Observations about production techniques such as lighting, camera angles/movement, costumes, etc. Review the chapter on production in your textbook.

c.Your ideas about the episode, e.g. what values, myths, metaphors, socio-economic/political issues did the episode address? What other concepts from the textbook apply to this episode? What features of the episode strike you as important or curious or worth investigation? What might be a good critical approach to the episode?

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