Global Asia

This is the paper for the course Global Asia—- study of heartland of globalization, looking for the reason and process that globalization occured.

Readings: Tansen Sen, “The impact of the Zheng He Expeditions.”
Dennis O.Flynn and Arturo Giráldez, “Born with a ‘Silver Spoon’: The Origin of World Trade in 1571,” Journal of World History, 6, 2, 1995, 201-221.

Requirement: Discuss the main points in Yijun Wang’s lecture on Monday. Please focus your paper on placing the information you learned from the lecture into the context of the themes we’ve been analyzing in our course so far. Address 2-3 salient points raised by Prof.Wang, assess their significance, and put them into historical perspective.

This means the lecture notes are the most important when your constructing the paper. From my perspective, you could discuss the impact of Zheng He voyage, imagination about what will happen if Zheng He meet with Columbus, and context behind Zheng’s voyage.

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