Change Management Approach

IT 328: Milestone Five Guidelines and Rubric

Prompt:For this milestone, you will create a change management plan. In the communications plan completed in the previous milestone, there was a section at the end of the template for the change management process. Complete the information in that template for your chosen final project scenario. You should use that template and turn injustthe section for the change management process.

Requirements of Submission: The submission should be a Word document based on the downloaded template.

Instructor Feedback: Students can find their feedback in the Grade Center.

Critical Elements Exemplary Proficient Needs Improvement Not Evident Value
Change Management Process Steps Section The section is complete with detailed information, and the steps follow a logical flow including all parts of change management (27-30) The section is partially complete with some information missing, or some steps are incomplete   (24-26) The steps are very brief or missing or do not follow a logical flow     (21-23) The section is incomplete with steps, flow, and/or detail missing     (0-20) 30
Change Management Process Flow Section A flow diagram is complete with details that match the process steps section     (27-30) A flow diagram is detailed and completebut may be missing one step from the change management process section (24-26) More than one section of the change management process is missing from the diagram     (21-23) The diagram is incomplete or does not match the change management process flow     (0-20) 30
Change Control Board Section The change control section is complete with details about at least five board members and the process for meeting (27-30) At least five board members are listed, but the meeting processes are incomplete or missing (24-26) Two to five board members are listed and/or meeting information is incomplete or missing (21-23) Fewer than two board members are listed, with no other information included   (0-20) 30
Writing There are no errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling   (9-10) There are one to two errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling per page, on average   (8) There are three to four errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling per page, on average (7) There are more than four errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling per page, on average (0-6) 10
Earned Total Comments: 100%
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