The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has six core functions, one of which is to set guidelines for improving global health. In addition to setting these guidelines, WHO also encourages and helps to oversee the deployment of these guidelines. As nurses, we can also contribute to the establishment, implementation, and evaluation of public health guidelines and program initiatives at the global level.
This assignment considers the international response to global health and the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) as it relates these guidelines. Examine the WHO Guidelines; specifically consider the WHO Technical Note on Communicable Diseases and Severe Food Shortage. On page 10, note the section on “Key Public Health Interventions” for undernourished or malnourished populations in countries experiencing severe food shortages. This document acts as a guideline, for healthcare providers and governmental and non-governmental organizations, in providing technical guidance to “facilitate the control of communicable diseases in populations currently affected by severe food shortage situations.” Select one of the recommendations from page 10 and discuss your overall thoughts on this recommendation.

Consider the following when crafting your post:

How well the intervention would address and treat, cure, or prevent the communicable disease?

How current is the evidence in the recommendation (this document was published in 2010 and has not been recently updated). Is there better evidence for a different recommendation?

How feasible is the recommendation?

Does the potential cost of this recommendation seem appropriate considering countries with the largest burdens’ ability to pay?

How politically acceptable do the guidelines seem (only if applicable)? What might the role of nursing be in this recommendation.

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