asreported Black Diamond Inc

Black Diamond Inc. (NMS: BDE) 
Exchange rate used is that of the Year End reported date  
As Reported Annual Balance Sheet  
Report Date12/31/2015
Audit StatusNot Qualified
Marketable securities9824.00
Accounts receivable, gross26958.00
Less: allowance for doubtful accounts184.00
Accounts receivable, net26774.00
Finished goods43117.00
Raw materials & supplies6649.00
Prepaid & other current assets3337.00
Income tax receivable2550.00
Deferred income taxes
Total current assets182382.00
Buildings & improvements4093.00
Furniture & fixtures3320.00
Computer hardware & software4729.00
Machinery & equipment9790.00
Construction in progress477.00
Property & equipment, gross25259.00
Less: accumulated depreciation14469.00
Property & equipment, net10790.00
Other intangible assets, net10934.00
Indefinite lived intangible assets22644.00
Definite lived intangible assets, net
Deferred income taxes
Other long-term assets1843.00
Total assets228593.00
Accounts payable & accrued liabilities21446.00
Deferred income taxes
Current portion of long-term debt
Total current liabilities21446.00
Revolving credit facilities
Foreign credit facilities
Senior subordinated note20028.00
Capital leases
Term notes105.00
Total long-term debt, including current portion20133.00
Less: current portion
Long-term debt20133.00
Deferred income taxes8969.00
Other long-term liabilities2042.00
Total liabilities52590.00
Common stock3.00
Additional paid-in capital483698.00
Retained earnings (accumulated deficit)-299168.00
Less treasury stock, at cost7320.00
Unrealized gains (losses) on marketable securities-107.00
Foreign currency translation adjustments-1035.00
Unrealized gains (losses) on cash flow hedges-68.00
Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss)-1210.00
Total stockholder’s equity (deficit)176003.00
Current Ratio8.50
Debt/Equity Ratio0.12
Free Cash Flow  
Earnings per Share-2.43
Price/Earnings Ratio 
Return on Equity 
Net Profit Margin 
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