Data set 2

How do I determine what my null hypothesis is and what my alternative hypothesis based on this assignment and its data

Data set 2 presents a sample of the number of defective flash drives produced by a small manufacturing company over the last 30 weeks. The company’s operations manager believes that the number of defects produced by the process is less than seven defective flash drives per week. Use this online calculator (or any statistical package that you are comfortable with) to construct a hypothesis test to verify the operations manager’s claim. Your hypothesis test should include null and alternative hypotheses, a t test statistic value, a p value, a decision, and a conclusion. Submit a Word file that includes the hypothesis test.

One sample t test results

P value and statistical significance:
  The two-tailed P value equals 0.8954
  By conventional criteria, this difference is considered to be not statistically significant.

Confidence interval:
The hypothetical mean is 7.00
The actual mean is 7.03
The difference between these two values is 0.03
The   95% confidence interval of this difference:
From -0.48 to 0.55

Intermediate values used in calculations:
  t = 0.1326
  df = 29
  standard error of difference = 0.251

Learn more: GraphPad’s web site includes portions of the manual for GraphPad Prism that can help you learn statistics. First, review the meaning of P values and confidence intervals . Then learn how to interpret results from a one sample t test .
Review your data:
Mean 7.03
SD 1.38
SEM 0.25
N 30    
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